World of Warships Blitz – mobile ships from Wargaming on the analogue World of Warships. The release of the game took place over a month ago (now the game is at the closed beta testing stage), the game still attracted a large number of players and users.

World of Warships Blitz is a whole war world of the period of the Second World War. Here you will find different nations to choose from for battle, different types of equipment and tier for battle, choose your ship and start battles.

For the World of Warships Blitz, there is an online battle mode where you can take part both in the team game and single player. The game is completely free, suitable for Android and iOS, you can download it right now in the Download section.

Wows blitz
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Many players are well aware of the first mobile game released by Wargaming – World of Tanks Blitz. WoT Blitz are mobile tanks for the same Android / IOS operating system. Judging by the review of the game and promises from the developers – WoT Blitz will be much better than the WOT Blitz.

For players could quickly and easily communicate among themselves in a team, the developers made such an innovation as – a voice chat in battle. This innovation will speed up the transfer of messages between players. Before going into battle, the player enters the port, where a large selection of ships of different types and nations awaits him. An interesting fact: the developers have made in the port day/night mode, it means if you go to the port in the afternoon you expect a clear sky and a bright sun in the port, but if the night is a beautiful sunset.

Accepting the right choice is the main thing for WoT Blitz. During the game you make a choice all the time: you need to choose the right ship, choose the type of weapon from which you will shoot at the enemy, choose the right place and radius for shooting and so on. WoWs Blitz is a game where you have to always think and make the right decision.

What is a hacked mod for the game World of Warships Blitz

Almost every game has the ability to download and install a hacked APK mod, WoWs Blitz is no exception. A hacked APK file or so called hack mod is a mod that will allow the player to master the official version of the game and to enjoy privileges free of charge such as:

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Features of mod

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