Bonuses in March for World of Warships Blitz

Spring today, which means it’s time to have a good time. Especially for the spring Wargaming prepared pleasant gifts and surprises for its gamers. Participate in random battles in March and get nice gifts in the form of bonuses, which you can apply at your discretion. A special event for World of Warships Blitz is valid for a limited time, to be exact, until March 8th. What awaits you:

  • Get 3 wins and you will get – 50 units. free experience, 2000 units. silver, 2 repair sets, 2 emergency sets.
  • You can win 7 battles and you will get – 100 units. free experience, 5000 units. silver, 3 repair kits, 3 emergency sets, 2 boosters of combat experience
  • For 13 wins you can be expected – 150 units. free experience, 10,000 silver, 2 improved repair kits, 2 improved emergency kits, 2 silver I booster, 2 battle experience boosters I
  • As a result of 21 wins you can get – 250 units. free experience, 17500 units. silver, 3 improved repair kits, 3 improved emergency kits, 2 boosters of free experience I, 2 silver booster I
  • If you manage to win 30 wins, the reward is 450 units. free experience, 30,000 silver, 5 improved repair kits, 5 improved emergency kits, 3 experience superstones I, 3 silver II booster

Hurry up the end will be soon.

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