Developers share new facts about World of Warships Blitz

Update 0.7.0

Soon players can waiting for a new update under version 0.7.0, in this patch new changes are expected, which we will report a little later. But pleasant surprises are waiting for you there.

When will exit the EU server

According to the developers, this winter World of Warships Blitz will be released on ru client. But first the game will be released on the EU server. The RU region will be the last because it is the most large-scale and profitable, the author wants to maximize the game to an excellent condition, fix all bugs and flaws, and then release it in this region.

Are the achievements earned on the Asian server, will be present in the official release?

Perhaps, this is one of the main questions for which we have no comforting answer. As the developers say after the official release of the game all the achievements, awards and tiers that you earned during the game on an Asian or another server will not be transferred.

It means all you get there will not be preserved after the main release. Why is it so? Because the game was in beta testing mode, and because Wargaming does not practice such features among its games.

Game Events

In the game World of Warships Blitz there is such a feature as the game events. What is it? Game events are events timed to a specific action, players are rewarded for fulfilling such tasks. The last such event was – a game event before September 4th.

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