Features of the game WoWs Blitz and the difference from World of Warships

WoWs Blitz is a very good game and can appeal to many players because the main thing in a game is fun and interesting, with this WoWs Blitz exactly copes. WoWs Blitz is like a World of Warships. In familiar places are many elements and so navigate in the port can everyone who played in the World of Warships.

If you suddenly did not play, you probably will be interested in a big red button in the battle. As in large ships in WoWs Blitz, there are several game modes: a cooperative fight against bots, random battles against live players with a more serious level of complexity and the company’s awards (battles based on historical battles) and the ranked competitive fighting mode is already under development.

One nuance which is really very pleased in mobile ships is the approach to learning, even if you just decided to play the game for the first time, then you will quickly get enough information for the first independent steps. Also if you buy a premium ship on which before you have not yet played, then you will have information about the role and the main features of this ship.

The purpose of all classes if you suddenly did not know it is possible to learn directly in the teach tree, there has shown all about the classes and at the same time. A full set of classes is available only in the American and Japanese branches, German and Soviet branches are represented only by cruisers, and the French and British only a couple and premium ships. There are of course in mobile ships and some differences from the big brother. What exactly? See the video below.

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