How to install World of Warships Blitz on Android and iOS

If anyone does not know, WG team launched a new project called World of Warships Blitz. World of Warships Blitz are mobile ships that are designed for iOS and Android. The game is at the beta testing stage and the full release is expected soon.

Three months developers are laying out new patches and actively adding servers for testing. The current version of the game at the moment is 0.7.4. You can download it here. But despite this, many still do not know or just can not properly install the game. Today we will give detailed instructions on this matter.

We remind you that not all countries are allowed to test, so if you want to download the game and your country is not listed, you need to change/create your account on any other, for example, the Filipino.

How to install World of Warships Blitz on iOS / Android

  • We go in the Apple Store
  • We select featured (collections) and fall to the bottom
  • There we select Apple ID then View Apple ID
  • Choose a Country and Region category and change to the one where testing takes place
  • We agree with Apple’s terms and fill out the form. All information for filling out the form you can find on the Internet, for example the name of the city, streets, etc.
  • Then you will be transferred to the Philippine Apple Store, where in the search engine you enter World of Warships Blitz and download the game.

Or you can use another way: Download the game from our server, without ads or viruses.

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