New event for World of Warships Blitz in August

With the release of microupdate, 1.6.3 players expect not only new changes in the game with drawings, as well as the appearance of German battleships. Literally, players will soon face a new event in the world of mobile ships. This event is called “Collect mines”.

As you understand the name directly corresponds to the task in the event. So, what is this event? Players from 3rd to 9th August can collect mines in battle, prizes and event crates that would later change earned points for the purchase of premium ships and commanders in the store. Also, you will have a chance to get exclusive access to the German Gneisenau. Pass the event and do not miss your chance to get pleasant prizes and opportunities.

Event conditions:

  • Collect mines from August 3rd till 9th
  • You can only spend your points until August 10th
  • For your earned points, you can purchase Gneisenau, Warspite, Arkansas, Mikasa, and commanders of the following nations (US / DE / UK / JP)
  • Points for mines: 50, 40, 30, 20, 15, 10, 5
  • You can collect mines up to 18 400 points, then you need to find 3 main keys and 9 middle keys from Victory Blitz
  • Unused mines will be converted to silver with a ratio of 1:10

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