New event for World of Warships Blitz – “Neptune’s Treasure”

Commanders! We are glad to inform you about a new event that is coming for World of Warships Blitz. Starting from November 9th to November 15th, players can try to find a treasure. What treasure? The treasure of Neptune, the god of the ocean.

Try to find a treasure that was lost by Neptune in a new event with the identical name Treasure of Neptune. The task of the players is simple in the depths of the sea to find the largest possible number of treasure that would eventually get a prize. What is the prize? Important and worthy – the first premium aircraft carrier in warships. Do you know what it can be? If you did not guess what kind of premium aircraft carrier awaits you, we will help you. It will be Graf Zeppelin, the powerful tier VII aircraft carrier.

  • Search and collect treasure can only until November 15th
  • Event store will be open until November 16th
  • Prizes: premium aircraft carrier and much more
  • Find the 17,900 tridents and 6 keys to the tridents and become the winner of the Blitz

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