Release update 1.2.0 for World of Warships Blitz

Hello! Firstly, we are in a hurry to announce that officially World of Warships Blitz 1.2.0 will be released tomorrow, March 26th, about this were officially announced by the developers. Download the new version you can here. Well, now let’s figure out what new and exciting developers have prepared for us.

What’s new in WoWs Blitz 1.2.0?

Add 4 new destroyers from the Soviet branch. New ships will have such names: Podvoisky, Tashkent, Kiev and Khabarovsk.

  • Increase the income of silver for premium ships, as well as all other ships from III to VIII level
  • A new feature will appear: free overview
  • Add new premium packages of gold: 30, 180 and 360 days
  • There will be a new port of St. Petersburg, but to use it you need to get a Soviet destroyer V level or higher.
  • Add another 5 new destroyers: Wrathful, Minsk, Storozhevoy, Derzky and Izyaslav. You can see their characteristics here. A feature of the new destroyers of the USSR in speed and a good weapon for the battle with the enemy.
  • Add new combat commands. This change will improve the dialogue between team members. Depending on the map and mission, the set of phrases will change. The developers specifically added only the most important and most effective phrases in combat. For example,

“We need help in protecting the base”

“Need help around point A (specific point)”

And this is not all the changes. You will see a more detailed list tomorrow. In the meantime, we are preparing for an update.

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