Release update 1.4.0 for World of Warships Blitz

Friends! First of all, we want to report that the release of update 1.4.0 for World of Warships Blitz will start already this week, more specifically on Wednesday, May 30th. Well, now what’s new and interesting for us in this patch:

  • New cruisers

There will be new cruisers from the British branch. There will be 5 new and unique ships, meet Black Swan, Weymouth, Caledon, Danae and Emerald. More details about their characteristics you can see in the screenshots below

  • Simplify drawing system for WOWs Blitz

All players know firsthand that mining drawings for WOWs Blitz, it’s not an easy and very difficult thing, so the developers decided to simplify this system and lightly help the players. Therefore, in Patch 1.4 there will be cardinal changes in this situation.

Now the daily containers will be replaced with containers with drawings, but the class of the ship will receive its gun. For example, destroyers and cruisers receive containers with drawings for torpedoes, battleships, and cruisers with secondary guns. In one container there will be 2 drawings, so make a decision thought out.

You can also get a container for fighting experience, winning the game or performing combat missions.

  • New cruisers of I-V levels under the name: Leander, Fiji, Edinburgh, Neptune and Minotaur. How do you like them?

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