Review Japanese aircraft carrier Kaga in the World of Warships Blitz

Many players are looking forward to the appearance of a new ship called Kaga. Today we will try to give complete information about this ship and its combat characteristics.

Features of the Kaga aircraft carrier

Kaga is a Japanese level 7 aircraft carrier. Large and clumsy, but with a large stock of health. For a long time, he was the largest aircraft carrier of the Japanese fleet, and now he has come to mobile ships. A distinctive feature of this Japanese is its aircraft, or rather its quantity.

This huge ship carries as many as 80 airplanes, no fighters among them, and torpedo bombers and bombers are quite fragile, but this is the case when the number plays a decisive role. Moreover, it is not only about the total number of aircraft, but also about their number in squadrons. Kaga can launch up to 5 squadrons at a time, add to this fairly accurate bombers and get a dangerous combination.

Although at first glance each individual squadron seems weak enough, no ship can cope alone with the five attacking squadrons. You will need hours of practice to achieve synchronicity and coherence in manual control, but it’s worth it.

For more information about all the features and benefits of such a warship see below.

Video review of the Japanese aircraft carrier Kaga

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