Update 0.6.0 for World of Warships Blitz

Friends! Today there was a new update for our favorite mobile ships. Download update 0.6.0 for World of Warships Blitz you can here. Below we propose you a detailed list of all changes and innovations in patch 0.6.0

What’s new in World of Warships Blitz?

  • The main innovation of this patch are the Soviet cruisers from 1 to 10 levels.
  • Added new ships USS Texas and Cruiser Molotov in the premium store.
  • Reduced the speed of ships when turning
  • The developers decided to slightly alter the balancing: changed the penetration of armor, detection of the torpedo, the speed of the torpedo and the number of secondary guns
  • Reduced dispersion, in order to make the weapon more accurate
  • Changed the maximum range of weapons of some ships
  • Added new maps
  • Redesigned interface, now it’s more intuitive
  • Fixed bugs with damage
  • Improved port appearance

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