Update 0.8.0 for World of Warships Blitz

We want to announce about release of a new update for our favorite ships. Meet World of Warships Blitz v0.8.0. On October 18th, the developers released a new patch, what new and interesting we expect in this update, you will see in this article.

 Update 0.8.0 for WoWs Blitz

New awards

  • Fight every day, collect containers and receive as a reward special drawings, boosters and support for ships.
  • Equip  boosters and you can increase your HP and silver from the battle


  • Now you can create your own fleet (but only at level 10) to invite friends there, and also get to know new people. It will be fun )

Campaign PVE

  • We present the first campaign called “Coral Sea”. This campaign is available to players only at level 12.

Global chat

  • Unfortunately in patch 0.8.0, the global chat will be temporarily disabled. Players can use Private & Fleet chat.

Bug fixes

  •  Fixed bugs related to equipment, module update and vessel balance changes


2 thoughts on “Update 0.8.0 for World of Warships Blitz

  1. Xp exchange is fkd. In-game notifications are fkd. Your latest patch broke more than it solved!! Your matchmaking is an absolute disaster leaving you open to allegations of matchrigging, which added to sudden under/overshooting and torp white aiming going off, is a highly credible complaint. No customer support responces at all. No bug reporting method. No forum. Worst soft start to any game I’ve ever encountered!!!!

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