Update 0.8.1 for World of Warships Blitz

Friends! We hasten to inform about the release of a new micro update for our favorite ships. But first, we want to remind you that on October 18th a new update was released under version 0.8.0. In this update, players saw many innovations and additions. But unfortunately, after the release of the update, the developers began to receive a lot of complaints about bugs and errors in this patch.

The only way to solve this problem was to exit the micro update. Therefore, micro-patch 0.8.1 was released, in which the developers corrected all the problems:

Fixed bug with an aircraft carrier. Many players have noticed that when the camera is in the top, then there is a bug with the aircraft carrier, more precisely, it can go beyond the boundaries of the map. Now this problem is fixed.

  • Fixed a bug with displaying player nicknames. Previously, all names of real players were displayed incorrectly, now this problem will be fixed
  • Fixed a bug in which, if the game consists only of real players, the names of the players are displayed incorrectly. Now this problem will be fixed.


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