Update 0.9.0 for World of Warships Blitz

Hello, everyone!
We’ll hurry to inform you about the next update under version 0.9.0. The update will be released soon, probably on November 14th. What interesting will bring us a new patch for the World of Warships Blitz?

  1. First, a new branch of the German cruisers will be added. German cruisers are best characterized by rapid firing with a high level of armor penetration. German cruisers have the fastest time of rebooting torpedoes of all cruisers, as well as low damage. They were designed specifically for meetings at close range.On the 6th level, the German cruisers will have a sonar ability that will allow the German cruisers to discover all the ships in the radius of their detection. After activation, all torpedoes and ships will be detected regardless of whether they are behind islands or in smoke.

    Cruisers of an earlier level have an easy degree of armor compared to the cruisers of another country. Cruisers 7th levels and above have better armor and XP than cruisers of other countries.
    Rapid shooting and well-armed German cruisers will definitely be a force to be reckoned with in the sea!

  2. The new Trident map will also appear in the 0.9.0 update! On this map you must have a skill and professionalism. Players will compete for control of three separate control points, but it’s better not to rush, as there are many islands nearby that hide and provide cover for enemy ships. This map will be displayed only for players of the IV-VII level. This is definitely not a map for beginners.


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