Update 0.9.1 for World of Warships Blitz


We are glad to inform you about the release of a new patch under version 0.9.1. What new and interesting awaits us in this update, you will find in the article below.

Changes and innovations for World of Warships Blitz 0.9.1

  • The first thing we draw our attention to is that bonuses on winning will now be dropped twice a day: 00:00 and 12:00
  • In the store were added boxes, where players can find interesting items for themselves, such as gold, silver, premium time, drawings and much more. In heavy or medium boxes, among other things, you will find premium ships.
  • Improved iOS support
  • World chat came back. For those who do not know, you can talk to other captains from around the world.
  • To date, the game supports 11 languages: RU, DE, FR, ES, IT, PT-BR, TR, KO, JA, ZH-TW, ZH-CN.
  • There was a new map called “Neighbors”. The new map is only available for high-level technology, namely VII-X. The map is complex, so you’ll have to build real strategies here and learn how to play team games to defeat your opponents.
  • Added new premium ships to the store. Now to view premium ships in the store will become much easier. Just click on the Premium ship tab.

T6 FR Cruiser

  • Very accurate main gun
  • High HP for light cruiser T6
  • Engine Accelerator
  • Worthy defense of the AA class


  • The slow speed of the projectile in all 152-mm guns
  • Only 3 torpedoes on each side
  • Great for a cruise
  • Not very maneuverable

T6 US Battleship Arizona

  • Good armor protection
  • Good dispersion of the shell. Suitable for hitting targets within range
  • Long range


Slow ship for USN battleships

  • Less penetration by shells than her counterpart T6 in New Mexico
  • Weak AA for our level
  • T4 US Battleship Arkansas


  • 12 x main guns and 21 x secondary guns can rip all enemies in their tier
  • Good armor protection


  • Not very accurate
  • Very, very slow ship
  • Weak AA

And this is not all

  • To create a fleet, now you need silver in place of gold.
  • To reward players who can play in a team, the developers have added a new mode of “Battle Together.” Play and get prizes.
  • Improved port interface
  • Added new backgrounds, so that will be what to choose
  • The characteristics of some of the ships will change, that there was no advantage for the players who play on them
  • As for the error that occurs in the NA server (the correct combat time does not appear), then this bug will be resolved soon in patch 0.9.2

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