Update 1.0.0 for World of Warships Blitz


With great joy, we inform you that World of Warships Blitz officially came out all over the world. The current version of the game is 1.0.0. In connection with the release of the game, the developers have prepared several surprises for the players.

  • Today, all who tested the game from June to January 17 received a free premium cruiser Aurora
  • The first event in the game “World Of Warships Blitz”. For the victory in 40 fights you can get free battleship Mikasa. How are you?
  • For the first victory you will receive: 750 units. silver, 2 booster combat experience, 1 repair kit
  • For the first victory you will receive: 1000 units of silver, 4 silver booster, 2 repair kits
  • For 5 wins you will receive: 1.5 yew. silver, 4 booster combat experience, 3 repair kits
  • For 10 wins you will receive: 3 yew. silver, 6 silver boosters, 3 emergency sets

The time from 2018.01.17 to 2018.01.23


Download update 1.0.0 you can here

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