Update 1.1.0 for World of Warships Blitz

World of Warships Blitz Game

Today we became aware of the details the new, upcoming patch World of Warships Blitz 1.1.0. One of the managers of this project shared plans with developers regarding a new update. Judging by the innovations and changes patch 1.1.0 will be large-scale and interesting.

List of changes World of Warships Blitz 1.1.0

  • Change the distance of torpedoes activation

In the current update and all previous versions, it would not take any distance or distance to run the torpedo. In the new patch, everything will change radically. Now that would be an aircraft carrier or other any ship equipped with torpedoes, missiles brought into effect, it will take a minimum distance otherwise the shot will be.

  • Changing the aiming system

Cases when, due to the two close targets autoaim suddenly switched from one to another, in the past. In a new patch, this will not happen again. Judging by the comments of many players, this bug prevented many. Now if you have chosen one specific goal, the autoaim will be fixed on it.

  • Superstructural armor

As you know, some ships have separate parts of the ship with the highest degree of protection. For example, the engine, generator, ammunition warehouse. These parts of the ship have very strong armor, which is extremely difficult to break through. In the update 1.1.0, this situation will change dramatically. Now it will be much easier to damage these parts. That is, the nerf of the armor will occur.

  • Changes in the economy

The worsening of the economy in the update 0.6.0 is very grievous for many players. But now we can make you happy. In WoWs Blitz 1.1.0 new missions will appear, for the passage of which you will be generously rewarded. The missions will be for all levels and nations. Awards will be available to all comers.

  • Event Changes

By events, we mean Anchor, the new game currency you’ll get in patch 1.1.0. Using this currency, you can buy a lot of useful events in the store. Be ready to spend money

  • Ranked battles

Do not know what ranking ranks are? We will explain to you. Firstly, ranked battles are fights with real players, you will not find any bots here. To get to the ships you need to reach level 15th, otherwise, you can not get here. Secondly, in order to start the battle you will have to wait until the number of waiting players to grow to the 14 people. In the third, the reward in such a battle will be very attractive

  • Change the game system

Want to improve the graphics then choose one option from two graphics modes: 30 FPS for players with low to medium graphics and 60 FPS. Choosing the latter type you will get an excellent realistic graphics with which to play will be much nicer. Important! To display good graphics, it is necessary that your device has an excellent processor.

  • Changes in achievements

There will be new medals of achievements

We do not know the exact date the release of patch 1.1.0, as soon as we have additional information about this, we will immediately let you know.

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