Update 1.10.0 for World of Warships Blitz

Update 1.10.0 for World of Warships Blitz

Commanders! We are happy to announce that tomorrow, November 21st, a new version of the game World of Warships Blitz will be officially released. Version 1.10 for mobile ships will be really special because the developers have prepared for you a lot of new and very interesting changes. A new map, leagues, more bonuses and booster packs – all this and much more awaits you tomorrow in an updated version of WoWs Blitz.

  • League in WoWs Blitz

Starting from December 1st of this year, the concept of a League will appear in the game. The league will be divided into a seasonal league and a weekly league. Find more information about the League by clicking on the new icon that will appear with your portrait and profile information.

  • New maps

With the release of update 1.10, two new maps will appear in the game: Cage and Aurora.

The “Cage” map is available for ships from VIII to X level.

The Aurora map (reworked) is available for ships from VI to IX. Three capture points have been added to the map. The original map also remains in the hangar.

  • New bonuses for ships

For ships of level V and above, the developers have increased bonuses and HP on all historical and other permanent camouflage

  • Changed bonuses accrual system

+ 25% XP and + 25% silver bonuses on all premium ships

  • New boosters

The new update will feature 3 new boosters: Universal Booster, Unlimited Silver Booster and Super Unlimited XP (Health) Booster

  • A number of minor and major bugs fixed


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