Update 1.2 for World of Warships Blitz

Friends! Fans and lovers World of Warships Blitz we hurry to inform you a pleasant and long-awaited news – meet update 1.2. Today, developers reported that in the near future, more precisely for the next weeks players can expect the release of a new patch.

Judging by previous updates, World of Warships Blitz patches are released on Thursdays, so we can assume that WoWs Blitz 1.2 will be released on March 29 (but this is just our assumption). As soon as we have specific information we will immediately let you know. Well, for now, let’s find out what’s new for players in patch 1.2.

Update 1.2 for WoWs Blitz

In the first place in this patch player waiting for three Soviet destroyers (not premium class). We represent Watchdog, Daring and Izyaslav, as well as their characteristics.


Level 2
Torpedo tube 944
Cannon 510
Maneuverability 5689
Masking 8866
Anti-aircraft weapons0


Level 3
Torpedo tube 1256
Cannon 510
Maneuverability 6440
Masking 8733
Anti-aircraft weapons0


Level 4
Torpedo tube 997
Cannon 891
Maneuverability 6210
Masking 8533
Anti-aircraft weapons60

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