Update 1.3.0 for World of Warships Blitz

From reliable sources, we learned that next week fans World of Warships Blitz waiting for a pleasant surprise, the release of a new update under version 1.3.0. As for the exact date, we are not yet sure, most likely on April 24th or 26th.

What’s new in 1.3.0 for World of Warships Blitz

As claimed by the developers themselves, the new patch will be directed to the development of the flotilla. Now the fans of the flotilla will have new opportunities. For example, you will receive oil and be able to invest it in your flotillas. The truth for this you need to go through the daily missions and perform all the tasks, but believe it worth it.

Passing daily missions you can receive new bonuses and increase the level of your flotilla, as well as you can get additional silver and experience. Not bad, but it will take a lot of effort.

Important! To date, many players (especially from the Russian Federation) have faced the problem of freezing or even blocking the game. This is due to the blocking of World of Warships Blitz in the territory of the Russian Federation, but for fans, there is a way out. To make the game run and you could continue to enjoy the sea battles, you need to install VPN applications. VPN is an extension that changes the user’s IP address and thus you can bypass the lock.

At the moment, the WoWs Blitz team is actively looking for ways to officially fix this problem. As soon as the situation changes for the better, we will let you know.

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