Update 1.8.0 for World of Warships Blitz

Captains! We are pleased to inform you that today, September 19th, a new update for our favorite mobile ships has been released. As for the version, the World of Warships Blitz has been updated to version 1.8.0. A new port, new ships and a new branch of destroyers – all this and much more awaits you in today’s patch.

What’s New in World of Warships Blitz 1.8.0?

  • Japanese destroyers

In the Japanese Navy 4 new replenishments: Minekaze – ship of the 5th level, Hatsuharu – 6 level, Shiratsuyu – 7 level and Akizuki – 8 level. Each of these destroyers is unique and has all sorts of advantages in battle.

For example, Minekaze has a dual engine accelerator, Hatsuharu and Shiratsuyu – a dual engine accelerator + dual smoke generator, well, Akizuki has really excellent characteristics: dual engine accelerator + improved air defense warning and improved torpedo reinstallation.

  • The new port Zipangu

Very beautiful and fascinating port. Just imagine the blooming cherry blossom everywhere, as well as the unforgettable view of Mount Fuji. To get to this port you need to have a Japanese ship V level or higher.

  • The fleet level has been increased to 20
  • Changes in the economy of silver. If you fought on the ship from VI to IX level, then your income will increase from 15% to 25%.
  • Improved the balance of many ships
  • A number of mistakes have been changed, although the situation with chat still did not dare


More in the video below

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