Update 1.9.0 for World of Warships Blitz

Commanders! We have urgent news for you. Today, October 24th developers are planning to release a new update under version 1.9.0 for the game World of Warships Blitz. In this update, you will find a number of changes and improvements for the game.

What new in World of Warships Blitz 1.9.0?

  • The game will change the loading screen. Now before the battle you will find a completely new and much better loading screen.
  • Daily log in calendar updated
  • The awards of the Naval Academy have been improved.
  • Now, with the merit of combat medals, players will have new titles.
  • New camouflage, additional bonus time, free XP (health), as well as many other useful things – all this awaits you with the rotation of the Fleet shop
  • New ship features
  • New Commanders
  • As well as regular ships balancing aimed at improving the game.


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