Update 2.1 for World of Warships Blitz. Release date

Download Update 2.1 for World of Warships Blitz. Release

Commanders! Surely you have been waiting for news about the update of mobile ships? Recall the latest update for World of Warships Blitz was held in January of this year and the whole 2 months, the developers have not released a single patch or micro update. What is the reason you ask? We answer, all these 2 months, the developers were preparing to release a special update, an update with a large number of innovations and important changes, and this update was version 2.1

As for the release date of this large-scale patch, the World of Warships Blitz 2.1 will be released soon, on March 20th.

New ships – German destroyers

First of all, we want to report an important addition to the game. With the release of patch 2.1 in the game will add a whole branch of the ships. We are talking about German destroyers with special advantages. Fast, manoeuvrable, with high reload rate and features like sonar and smoke generator. All these factors make the German branch of ships special and very strong.

Despite its size, these ships surprise you with their abilities. To get such a “death machine” for enemies is possible only from level II, but the sonar function will appear only from level VI. The name of all the ships of the German branch:

  • Tier II: V-25
  • Tier III: G-101
  • Tier IV: V-170
  • Tier V: T-22
  • Tier VI: Ernst Gaede
  • Tier VII: Leberecht Maass
  • Tier VIII: Z-23
  • Tier IX: Z-46
  • Tier X: Z-52

The bots system will change

The developers made changes to the bot search algorithm, so that bots will not appear unexpectedly in the game and will behave more logically. Important! Despite the great efforts and actions that the developers have made to this innovation, sometimes you can still notice the strange and illogical behavior of the bots in the game. For example, some ships drift into the sea and behave in a strange way. By their names you can easily find out whether the bots are not.

Other important changes in the game

  • Port user interface has changed
  • Some maps have changed, a total of 12 maps
  • You will be able to send messages offline between players. Each player will receive 45 KB of memory to store all messages. If you see a
  • red button, know your new message.
  • There will be new premium ships. For the first victory on these ships you will receive a nice bonus.
  • A rubric called Battle Wiki. In this section you will find important and useful information for success in battles.
  • Much more
  • You can download the new update below.


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