Update 2.4.0 World of Warships Blitz. Download update

Download Update 2.4.0 World of Warships Blitz

Friends! We are announcing the release of the next patch for World of Warships Blitz. The new version of the game is 2.4.0.

What’s new in World of Warships Blitz 2.4.0?

  • New Blitz Pass Event

Get ready for a new event called Blitz Pass. Blitz Pass is a lot of gifts, surprises and mega good news for you. The start of a new event begins on October 1. Want to participate in the Blitz Pass? Then you need a lot of XP, you can get it after passing random, ranking or team battles.

After completing the levels you will receive many rewards, including camouflage, resources and much more. Blitz Pass is the first of its kind, but not the last. In the first part of the Blitz Pass you will find Halloween content and a new premium ship. Once the event is over, you will have only a few days to get your reward, do not miss your chance.

  • New map called “Haunted Sea”

The new card will be available in Domination mode. Ships from VII – X level will be able to participate in the battle on the new map. The Haunted Sea map is not an ordinary map. Firstly, here you will find very eerie islands. Secondly, there is a unique arrangement of points for the battle. Points A and B are next to each other, but are separated by a large island. Exactly C is significantly larger than the previous two and is in an ideal position to provide fire support to those who fight at points A and B

  • Some bugs fixed

You can download the update version 2.4.0 in the Download category.

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