Video review. German battleships in the World of Warships Blitz

As you probably know in the game World of Warships Blitz appeared battleships from the German branch. These ships are big and powerful, in general, the real owners of the sea.

Features of German Battleships for WoWs Blitz

The strongest armor, the most powerful auxiliary guns and some of the fastest-speed main gauges that only can be at battleships, as well as new ships and new mechanics – all this about new German battleships.

Among others features, it is worth noting that some of the auxiliary gun shoots at enemies automatically, boasting of this can all German battleships from level 6. They destroy anyone who will come up too close.

These ships are the pride of German engineering, but they are not perfect. Like all battleships they are noticeable and unwieldy. Typical class features come with a national specificity:

  • drop in accuracy at distant distances
  • not so good air defense

But if the shortcomings of all German battleships are the same, then each one is good in its own way. In the video below, you can get acquainted with each link from the German branch in more detail

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