Wallpapers from the football season World of Warships Blitz

Friends! If you are tired of your old and not interesting screensaver, then we have great news for you – we offer unique wallpapers, you have not seen such mobile ships. New wallpapers are called “football season”, but where does football go to ships?

The thing is that the World of Warships Blitz was inspirited by a wave of football epidemic, which started in conjunction with the beginning of the football season in June 2018. Therefore, Wargaming offered its event, called the football season in World of Warships Blitz. Instead of the usual marine painting, you are waiting for something new. Just look at the pictures below.

Important! Here you can find and download pictures of different sizes, for different mobile devices. Find a picture of your format and enjoy.

  • for Android smartphones

  • For tablets on Android

  • For iPad devices

  • iPhones and iPhone7

  • iPhone 7, iPhone 8 and also Android phones

  • iPhone X

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