Wallpapers with Japanese destroyers for World of Warships Blitz

Surely you already know that in version 1.8.0 developers have added one very important and long-awaited feature, it is about the new destroyers of the Japanese branch. In total, 4 new destroyers were added from 5th to 8th level.

For some players World of Warships Blitz, Japanese destroyers can become an important element of a successful battle, perhaps even the main ships in the game. If you like them too, then you probably will be happy to place a wallpaper with one of the representatives of this class, we mean the destroyer of level 8 – Akizuki.

You can download wallpapers from Akizuki by downloading one of the pictures below.

Important! To make the wallpaper look great and the size is perfect, you need to install a picture for your device.

  • Wallpapers from Akizuki for iPhones 7

  • Wallpapers with Akizuki for iPhone 7, iPhone 8 and all Android phones

  • Wallpapers with Akizuki for iPhoneX

  • For Android phones with a large screen diagonal

  • Wallpapers with Japanese destroyers for iPad devices

  • Wallpapers with Japanese destroyers on a PC (1920 × 1080)

  • Android Tablet Wallpapers

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