What will change in WOWs Blitz 1.9?

The current update for World of Warships Blitz is version 1.8.2. But, today we have learned new details about all future updates this year. The developers have shared their plans for the next three months. In this article, you can familiarize yourself with the global and most ambitious changes in all future 2018 patches. Of course, we will start with the upcoming update, first will be patch 1.9.

What’s new in patch 1.9.0 for WOWs Blitz?

Release date of patch 1.9 – October 15th or 22nd

  • Commander skills will be improved.
  • New awards appear in the Maritime Academy
  • Developers will launch a new game screensaver
  • For the holiday of Halloween in the game there will be a new disguise for ships (in the style of the holiday).
  • Everything will be creepy, scary, but still very funny

What’s new in patch 1.10 for WOWs Blitz?

The release date of this patch in November 19th.

  • New league system in random battles
  • A new map will appear in the game.

What’s new in patch 1.11 for WOWs Blitz?

Latest update in this year. Release date of patch 1.11 – December 17th or 24th

  • The game will be a new branch of the ships – the French cruisers
  • Multiple maps getting improved and updated
  • New events are timed to celebrate the New Year 2019

Important! This list contains only the most important changes that developers plan to implement. In addition to these innovations, the developers also plan to improve the balance of the ships, correct all the bugs and inaccuracies in the game, as well as set up a voice chat in the game.

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