What’s new in WoWs Blitz 1.4.0?

Hello commanders! Today, May 30th, a new update for our favorite mobile ships World of Warships Blitz. The current version for today is 1.4.0. Let’s find out a complete list of all the changes and innovations of this patch.

What’s new in WoWs Blitz 1.4.0?

  • As we already reported in the game there will be a whole branch of British cruisers, more precisely 10 new ships. All of them have different characteristics and possibilities. Which one are better judges only you.
  • Port of London. Anyone who gets a British cruiser of tier 5 will be able to access this port.
  • Get the container with the drawings will be easier. Now in daily containers, you can get containers with drawings for a certain class of ship.
  • The ships of all classes have been rebalanced so that no one has a clear advantage.
  • Parameters of some skills of the ship are increased
  • Do daily tasks, missions, tests and get access to the contents of containers with drawings.
  • Right now you can download a new update and start testing your patch.


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