World of Warships Blitz Battleship Missouri. Full review

For fifty years, this battleship was a symbol of the power of the American Navy and the country’s wealth. Few people had enough funds for the construction and maintenance of such a ship. In World of Warships Blitz Missouri – premium tier IX battleship. He inspires respect and awe – and rightfully so. Nicknamed “The Mighty Mo,” Missouri was launched in 1944.

Full review of the battleship Missouri at World of Warships Blitz

This is the last completed battleship of the American Navy. He became the embodiment of all the advantages and features of this class of warships. At one time, battleships of this type were the fastest in the world. Now the same situation at the IX level in World of Warships Blitz.

Missouri is gaining its maximum speed faster than other battleships, including the same type Iowa. Turning speed is also the best among classmates.

Full turnaround time is average. But this is when compared with all classes of ships. For a battleship, it is ideal. The ship is armored according to the American system. Easy protection of stern and nose. All important nodes are covered with thick armor.

The citadel is low, getting into it is not easy. Missouri feels confident in the battleship duels. The rest are not his rivals. Dimensions make Missouri a good target for airplanes.

However, aircraft carriers should think carefully before deciding to attack him. When the battleship was built, the military already knew who the main enemy of the big ships was.
American ships generally have good air defense. Missouri is great. Even without additional supplies and equipment, the battleship is able to repel an attack from the air.

Missouri’s main caliber is the most powerful cannon ever mounted on United States ships: 406 millimeters.

During the salvo, the crew sucked air from the lungs. In World of Warships Blitz, they still crush the enemy. Damage to armor-piercing and high-explosive shells is close to maximum among classmates.

The ship’s guns are not only powerful, but also accurate, with a convenient dispersion radius. When you command Missouri, it’s not difficult to put shell after shell into the target.

And if you apply the skill of the ship “Guidance System”, the accuracy of the main guns will increase by 35% for 20 seconds. Enough to make a deadly accurate volley.

The main enemy of the battleships – destroyers. They use their stealth to get closer and fire torpedoes. But Missouri has something to answer.

Ace up the sleeve – the second skill of the ship: “radar”. When activated, no one can hide from Missouri cannons within a radius of 7.5 kilometers. Nothing will hide his prey from the hunter: neither the islands nor the smoke screen will save the enemy from imminent death.

Missouri will find and destroy his victim! Take command of the legendary battleship and crash from the heart!

Video review of Battleship Missouri

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