World of Warships Blitz: School Of Ships. Lesson 1 – Shooting

Hello, commanders! Welcome to World of Warships Blitz. The time of sea battles of the period of the second world war has come. The game features more than 90 ships of different nations of the USA, Germany, Japan, the USSR and other nations. All ships are divided into four classes of battleships, cruisers, destroyers and aircraft carriers.

The cruisers and battleships have two types of weapons: the main caliber and auxiliary. Destroyers and some
The cruisers use torpedoes instead of auxiliary tools. But how to effectively fire now we find out.

We press once on the fire button, shoots 1 charged and directed at the gun, once again shoots the second. Quickly press twice the volley from all the guns. Clamp button gun shoots cascade one after another. To improve accuracy, use the sighting mode, this is a button with binoculars in the right corner. At the bottom there are indicators of reloading if the strip is green – the gun is ready to fire, the orange is recharging.

To switch between different types of weapons use the icons on the right side of the screen. When the main caliber weapons are reloaded, fire from the auxiliary, the range of fire and damage they have less, but in battle and from them there is a benefit. Also, before the shot, it is important to correctly place the ship in relation to the enemy. The more guns are sent to him, the higher the damage when hit. For example, the American battleship of the third level, the south caravan, carries four main-caliber towers, but if the enemy is directly on the course, only two can be fired.

To use all the weapons you will have to return the hull, but be careful in this position, your ship becomes an ideal target for the enemy. In naval battles, it is important to keep your goal and shoot properly with anticipation. For example, a Japanese cruiser of the 10th level of ACS fires in the game at a distance of more than ten kilometers. Shells need time to overcome this path, in these seconds the enemy can change course and your volley will not reach the goal. Therefore, you need to aim not at the enemy but at the point where he can be in a few moments.

It is difficult to do it in battles over long distances, it is better to first shoot one gun and then adjust the sight and give a full volley. At destroyers, the main caliber of the gun is not the most powerful, but this defect is compensated by torpedoes. To select them, click on the button to the right. The green zone on both sides of the destroyer is the area in which the torpedoes can be launched. The bright green sector inside this area indicates the direction and width of the torpedo fan.

There are two angles of a spread of torpedoes: narrow and wide. The first is ideal for close combat, then it is clear that the released shells will accurately please the target. Wide angle is better to use at long distances so there is a higher probability that at least one torpedo will reach the enemy. When an enemy ship
will be in range and you will aim at him in the green area will appear a sector of gray color, he will prompt with what anticipation to release torpedoes.

To be sure your ships hit the enemy, you need to combine it with a bright green sector and shoot. This is all for now. The first lesson on the management of ships in the World of Warships Blitz you can see in the video below.

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