World of Warships Blitz. Shells types. Lesson 2

Greetings to the commanders! Today we continue to talk about how to win in the World of Warships Blitz. In the last issue, we talked about shooting, well, today we’ll look at shells: what they are, how they differ and how to get into the main place of an enemy ship.

In the game, two types of shells are armor-piercing and high-explosive fragmentation. Switch between them by clicking the button on the right. Armor piercing is good against the protected parts of the ship. After the impact, an explorer is cocked in the armor and the shell detonates already inside the hull, but if the enemy’s armor is too thin, such shells will run through the enemy and cause a minimum of damage.

Ships with the glory of armor: destroyers, light cruisers and aircraft carriers more efficiently hit with high-explosive shells. They damage external and internal modules and can cause a fire. Choosing the right type of projectile also depends on the class of your ship. Playing on battleships to shoot armor-piercing by classmates is at relatively close distances, the probability of getting them to the citadel from a long distance is, but it is extremely small

For distant targets, high-explosive projectiles will work well, they also shoot at ships of other classes. The main goals of the cruisers, classmates: destroyers and aircraft carriers. On the enemy cruisers boldly beat armor-piercing, on the remaining fragmentation-high explosives.
Managing the destroyers use landmines. The main caliber is not as powerful as the other ships, but there is a chance to cause the fire armor-piercing, you can shoot at the cruiser at the medium and short range when you are sure that you will enter the citadel. But sometimes it’s better to wait for a shot, you can not do much damage, but you can easily lose your disguise and glorify an enemy volley.

In battle, try to aim at the center of the hull: just above the waterline, there is the citadel, the Achilles’ heel of the warship. Accurate hit in the engine room or a room with ammunition will cause a lot of damage, in some cases lead to an explosion of the ship.

Vulnerable places are not only among opponents but also in you, try not to substitute them for enemy shots. To survive will help skillful maneuvering, if you turn to the enemy’s stern, then it will be harder to get to you, in the same way, it is worth dodging torpedoes. Choosing the right type of shells in different situations is the key to success.

Use the weaknesses of the enemy, hide your shortcomings and win the battles of the world of warships blitz.

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